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A medical strength exfoliation procedure revealing new healthier cells. This “Lunch Hour Peel” will leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft, smooth and clean to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve texture, even out skin tone and control acne. It is safe, effective and is accomplished with no recovery time. (30-45 min.)


Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

Quick superficial salicylic acid-based facial peel that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion, and provides firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 use. A series of peels provides best overall results. The result is immediate improvement in the smoothness and radiance of your skin that you can really see and feel.


Obagi Blue Peel System®

An aggressive, fast procedure with permanent results. Obagi Blue Peel is effective for: ~ laxity, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, large pores, texture, scarring and more ~ all skin colors and thicknesses ~ face, neck, chest and hands Obagi’s Blue Peel is a medium depth medical peel that offers greater improvements over most other chemical peels. It will help to smooth the surface of your skin, improve skin tone, diminish wrinkles, shrink pore size, reduce acne and acne scars. Results can be very dramatic with a short 7-10 day recovery. Not recommended if pregnant, lactating or have used Accutane in past 6-12 months.(2 - 2 1/2 hours) NOTE: This procedure cannot be booked online as pre-conditioning products are required for preparation at an additional cost. Call for an appointment.


SWiCH™ Epidermal Repair Peel System

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance the healing function and restores skin to its youthful appearance. SWiCH™ performs beyond the results achievable with non-surgical peels. The SWiCH™ is an anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment. Anyone interested in maintaining youthful, healthy skin, repairing sun damage, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the overall integrity of the skin is a good candidate for the SWiCH™.


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Add on a slimming wrap to any peel


Essential Facial

Begins with a thorough skin analysis followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, therapeutic massage & mask. Customized to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, acne, and dehydration. There is nothing basic about this facial....only high-end products are used, and without an extra charge.


Express Facial

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and mask using only high-end products and without an extra charge. No therapeutic massage, minimal extractions.


Ullumi-Layer Facial

For the aging skin in need of brightening, tightening and in need of a “pick-me-up”.


Red Carpet Treatment

Great pre-event facial. Experience for yourself the benefits of this Japanese Oxygen mask. Your skin receives enhanced amounts of oxygen to improve it’s condition. Results are immediate, your lines and wrinkles will be visibly diminished, leaving your skin clear and luminous.


Add on Service

Add on a slimming wrap to any facial


Far Infrared Detoxifying Body Wrap

Feel those extra pounds melt away! Burn up to 1,200 calories per session! Infrared Body Wraps provide a passive cardiovascular conditioning effect to burn fat, lose inches, relieve pain, and more...


6 Far Infrared Detoxifying Body Wraps

Package of SIX Far Infrared Intensive Thermofusion Detoxifying Body Wraps*


12 Far Infrared Detoxifying Body Wraps

Package of TWELVE Far Infrared Intensive Thermofusion Detoxifying Body Wraps** **6 retail size products & masque included (worth $199)


It Works! Body Slimming

Spot treat those problem areas...abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, buttocks and neck area. It can be as easy as stopping by over your lunch hour or on your way home from work. The wrap can be applied & you can leave with it on to take off in 45 minutes. NOTE: You can add a single body slimming wrap to any facial or peel for only $29.


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